ReBoot – “Why I like my iMac and Why You Should Get One…”

A CIO's VoiceWhen it comes to computers I am always a bit hard on the technology. I believe that computers are tools and should function as such. When I pick up my hammer I know I will hit a nail perfectly each and every time. That is the whole point of tools. Computers should be no different!

I was always skeptically about transitioning to Apple but my former boss talked me into it. He was a techie and spent his money wisely. So when he moved over to an iMac I knew it was not something he did lightly. So his reasons were sound.  At the time, I had this water-cooled behemoth of a PC geared towards gamers. Mind you I was not a gamer but the power it packed was something I though I needed. I didn’t. In fact I started to have problems with it a year later. My RAID failed and I sprung a leak in my cooling system. Needless to say I was pretty annoyed. I decided this Mac thing was something I should explore.

A year later I bought my Intel based iMac. I never looked back. I have had my iMac for about 3 years now and it is still going strong. During this time, it has only crashed on me twice and it was just a mater of restarting to get it back online. All my apps work without fail. I have the occasional beach ball spin a little longer than normal when opening up Office. But I chalk that up to MS. I spend more time surfing the web now than I did before. Safari is a much better browser than IE. But the biggest advantage of using a Mac is to be able to add an organize pictures and do home movies with it. This is great feature, one my family thoroughly enjoys watching the fruits of my labor.

Over the last few years I have upgraded my OS twice. It had to be the smoothest upgrade I have ever done. No need to reformat my hard drive and download several fixes/service packs afterwards. And my iMac has not lost any performance. That is exactly what and upgrade should be. To me an iMac means ‘user friendly’.

Will I buy an iMac in he future? I most definitely will. But right now I very happy with my 3-year-old iMac. It still operates just as fast – like the first day I got it.