15 Tips to Using LinkedIn

  1. Keep your name simple. Do not add extraneous information.
  2. Your profile should be managed like a professional website. Formatting should be simple and clean and filled with tags that are search friendly.
  3. Add a photo and keep it professional. Headshots are the best. Photos add personality to your profile.
  4. Update the section “What you are going  now” at least a few times a week.
  5. Personalize your “public profile” to reflect your name. This allows greater search ability.
  6. Make sure the jobs you choose to list compliment each other.
  7. “Experience” is a great place to show your accomplishments. Be creative and aggressive. Take chances.
  8. List your certifications and licenses.
  9. Get Recommendations.
  10. Join groups that are relevant to you and invite those members to become your contacts.
  11. Add contacts that are of value. Do not build up hundreds of contacts. It reflects poorly on you.
  12. Use “Answers” sections to position yourself as an expert and to get exposure.
  13. Use Answers section to get free advice.
  14. Always be courteous.
  15. Give back. If someone you do not know contacts you for information provide information to that person. A helping hand will go a long way to building relationships.

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