Wanted: CIO


The CIO for an organization oversees and sets direction for the organization’s information systems function. Establishes overall strategy and vision for information systems design and development, systems planning, programming, operations, networks, data warehousing, architecture, data processing, data security, data recovery, systems support, and analysis. Coordinates, facilitates and consults with various departments on information systems, communications, security and other initiatives. Ensures that the network is current with systems standards and that the company is providing appropriate services. Ensures organization’s technical compliance. Responsible for innovation and leadership in developing and implementing initiatives that support organizational goals and objectives.


  • Serves as Chief Information Officer with overall responsibility for the organization’s strategy and vision for information systems design and development.
  • Develops initiatives and formulates operational plans aligned with organizational goals and objectives to ensure the long-term profitability of the organization.
  • Oversees the management, implementation, and usability of information and computer technologies and how they can benefit the organization’s business operations.
  • Develops policies and standards aimed at minimizing costs related to acquisition, implementation, and operation of IT systems.
  • Recommends software and hardware solutions to ensure the continual development of strategy and functionality.
  • Works closely with internal business groups on information systems initiatives.
  • Engages with internal IT customers to understand and support current and long-term IT needs.
  • Remains aware of evolving trends in IT and recommends changes in equipment, systems, and processes as necessary.
  • Ensures plans and policies are understood and administered by management.
  • Ensures the safety and integrity of organizational data.


  • An IT specialist with in-depth business management skills that can align technology with business
  • An ever-present awareness of the past and future impact of technology on business success
  • A certain amount of impatience to achieve change and affect progress as soon and as urgently as possible
  • A strategic thinker that can understand how technology can impact the business processes of the organization
  • A leader with vision and business acumen
  • An innovator and creative thinker
  • Ability to build relationships across the company with an emphasis on mutual success
  • A diplomat and politician
  • A mentor and team builder
  • Is passionate and loves what he/she does

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