ReBoot – My Affair with My iPhone Continues

A CIO's VoiceIt has been 2 years since I have been having an affair with my phone – my iPhone. I recently upgrade to iPhone 4 and boy I am not disappointed. Why should I be? After all it is an Apple product.

I was using my iPhone 3G and it was working great until I upgrade the iOS recently. Then things slowed down. Even after Apple tried to fix, my iPhone 3G was never the same. It was a causality of its own technology. Regardless, I was always eyeing the 4 from the corner of my eye but felt it was not the right time.

So I made the leap and got the 4. It does everything my old phone did and more. I find my iPhone is faster and better with battery life. A full charge now lasts me more than eight hours before I have to plug in. Also my reception is better. I get good signal strength wherever I go in the NYC metro area and near my home. Previously, I had some signal issues. But we will blame ATT for that. Not my pretty iPhone. I do wish Apple would give more sound options for incoming SMS. I find the default sounds dated and a tad boring. But those are superficial criticisms. Overall I am satisfied once again with my purchase of an Apple product

Don’t tell my wife – but my iPhone and I are going away this weekend. lol

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