Measuring CIO Performance

How do you measure the performance of a CIO? There are 2 areas “Leadership and Management” and “Core Areas” that can be used.

1. Leadership and Management:

  • Strategic Leadership
  • People Management
  • Mentoring
  • Personal Development
  • Training
  • Annual Initiatives 

2. Core Areas:

  • System Infrastructure
  • Application Management
  • Support / Helpdesk
  • Compliance and Controls


1.1  Strategic Leadership

GOAL – Review and identify new areas for technology improvement.
Measurement – Develop an annual Technology Assessment and Recommendations Plan with projected costs.

GOAL – Provide feedback, input and support to the other parts of the organization for overall organizational improvement
Measurement – Meet with other departments on a monthly basis.
Measurement – Meet with IT Steering Committee.

GOAL – Ensure company retention of high potential employees and recruit new, high caliber employees.
Measurement – Meet frequently with staff to discuss issues/concerns.

GOAL – Participate in drafting of policies and procedures.
Measurement – Develop MIS policies.
Measurement – Review and update policies and procedures annually.

1.2 People Management

GOAL – Conduct goal setting with direct report group prior to Jan 31and modify as appropriate throughout the year.
Measurement – Meet with each direct report to discuss and set goals.

GOAL – Ensure development plans for all employee are completed by Q1.
Measurement – Meet with each direct report to development plans.

GOAL – Hold midyear and annual performance reviews with direct reports in a timely manner (review performance reviews written by direct reports for their staff).
Measurement – Meet with each direct report twice a year.

GOAL – Conduct staff meetings on a consistent and regular basis
Measurement – Meet with department weekly/bi-weekly to discuss issues and progress.

GOAL – Actively participate in employee assessment programs.
Measurement – Participate in employee assessment programs.

GOAL – Ensure ongoing coaching and feedback with direct reports and across your organization.
Measurement – Continuously provide feedback (verbal/written) to staff.

GOAL – Support the personal growth of employees in your reporting line through coaching, mentoring, and creating job growth and opportunities.
Measurement – Provide opportunities for staff to take on additional responsibilities.

1.3 Mentoring

GOAL – Participate in a mentoring relationship with individual(s) within or outside of your reporting line
Measurement – Provide opportunities and feedback to staff.

1.4 Training and Development

GOAL – Assess the needs of the assigned staff against the desired set of skills for them to fulfill their roles and responsibilities.  Individualized employee development plan shall be prepared for each staff member.  As a part of the development plan, necessary training shall be identified.
Measurement – Provide opportunities and encourage staff to participate in training to enhance their skill set.

GOAL – Identify and provide the necessary resources and support for the training efforts.
Measurement – Provide budget for staff technical training.

1.5 Annual Initiatives

GOAL – Identify and manage capital projects.
Measurement – Budget and schedule.
Measurement – Provide ROI.


2.1 Systems Infrastructure 

2.1.1 Network Management

GOAL – Monitor all devices 24×7 for the purpose of being proactive and ensure reliability.
Measurement – Monitor and review systems monitoring  statistics. 

2.1.2 Servers

GOAL – Monitor all servers 24×7
Measurement – Monitor and review systems monitoring  statistics.

GOAL – Ensure each server has capacity to support the site and users.
Measurement – Monitor and review systems monitoring  statistics. 

2.1.3 Storage

GOAL – Ensure each server has enough storage capacity.
Measurement – Monitor and review systems monitoring  statistics.

GOAL – Implement process to move email data offline and free up resources.
Measurement – Measure growth of email data stores

2.1.4 Capacity Planning

GOAL – Monitoring individual components so we can trend areas that require attention.
Measurement – Monitor and review systems monitoring  statistics

2.2 Application Management

Various  business critical applications

GOAL – Maintain uptime/availability/responsiveness to end users
Measurement – Monitor and review systems monitoring statistics

GOAL – Application is the latest version.
Measurement – Monitor and review systems monitoring  statistics

2.3 Support / End User helpdesk

GOAL – Ensure tickets are open/closed in a reasonable amount of time.
Measurement – Weekly helpdesk statistics report

2.3.1 Site configuration and set up

GOAL – Standard base config is used for all new equipment.
Measurement – Adequate images are prepared and maintained. Review once a year for updates.

GOAL – Standard site config is used for all new site
Measurement – Standard site config is prepared and maintained. Review once a year for updates.

2.3.2 Equipment ordering and configuration

GOAL – All requests for purchases generate a purcahse order.
Measurement – All equipment purchased is tracked.

2.3.3 Technology vendor management

GOAL – Maintain a portfolio of vendors that can provide services/products in a timely fashion.

2.3.4 Application development to support business goals

Number of projects in each phase of the SDLC and average times in each stage (view of overall project pipeline, identify bottlenecks, etc.)
Measurement – Number of projects in project plan.
Measurement – Number of projects change requests tracked in the project plan.

2.4 Compliance & Controls

2.4.1 Infrastructure & software security

GOAL – Maintain adequate security across environment to ensure data is protected.
Measurement – Remediation activities suggested.
Measurement – Formal corporate audits.
Measurement – Security or data breaches.

2.4.2 IT policies and procedures

GOAL – Maintain IT policies and procedures and review and update yearly.
Measurement – Update policies.

2.4.3 Technical training

GOAL – Ensure staff have required training to properly perform job function.
Measurement – Number of hours/days of training per person.

2.4.4 Budget control

GOAL – Maintain adequate budget information.
Measurement – Forecast through year end broken up into project categories.

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