ReBoot: Titans and Mortals

Over the weekend I was watching Wall Street-Money Never Sleeps. Gordon Gekko takes a young Shai Labeouf under his wing and teaches him the ways of the Street. I always wanted a Gordon Gekko type of character in my life. A corporate titan. A “mover and shaker” who can open doors and influence people. Who knows where I would be in life. I thought I had found such a rain maker a few years back. A mentor, a business father figure that will guide me, and open doors for me that would normally not be opened to a kid like me.

It turned out he was not the rainmaker I thought he was. He was a mere mortal whose powers of influence were limited. It was years later that I realized that power and influence is not as wide reaching as one might think. Just because you might be a big fish in a small pond that influence does not carry to other ponds.

I still feel like I still need that person. An Obi WanKenobi, that will guide and open doors for me.  My search continues…


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