Governance and Risk Management

Has your firm performed an analysis on data governance, IT governance and risk management strategies?

Data governance is critical especially as firms move to the cloud; data is an asset that needs to be protected and used properly. IT Governance ensures consistency and compliance and can assist in risk management. Done properly, IT Governance facilitates faster, better execution thru visibility and formal decision making.

Investing in defining and implementing data/IT governance and risk management strategies are critical in enabling IT to become a competitive advantage for supporting business goals and objectives. These core strategies empower IT to use consistent data terminology, effectively plan the IT roadmap based on business goals and objectives, and help the organization avoid taking unacceptable risks, through effective risk management.

Any company today has threats from everywhere (internally and externally). Analysis provides meaningful and insightful reporting and business intelligence.


One thought on “Governance and Risk Management

  1. Thanks, it is really good article. Is it possible to provide me some articles regard to this topic.(Relationship between IT Governance and Risk Management)
    Thanks again

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