Technology Magazines and Why they Bore CIOs

One of the habits I picked when I was flying between New York and London was reading magazines. This was before there was an iPad and laptop batteries never quite lasted 8 hours. I found myself before every flight, browsing the local airport newsstand. Recently my wife and I have been traveling on some long-haul flights and again I found myself browsing. In some ways, thumbing through these rags was a way for me to relax and divert my mind for the cramped quarters of business or economy class. I would read everything from Golf Digest, GQ, to Maxim.

On this particular trip I picked up a copy of Fortune. I read a lot, especially the standard tech journals everyone in the tech industry is supposed to read. I find magazines geared towards technologist boring. It seems to always be about the same thing. If you read one you have been read them all. Cloud this and cloud that or BI this BI that. I find myself nodding off half way through such articles. This recent copy of Fortune, held my attention from cover to cover. Why can’t tech magazines follow a similar model? Fortune covered everything from technology to business to humor. Magazines, especially those geared specifically towards CIOs, should be more like Fortune. The articles were engaging, not tech heavy, fun and most of all interesting to read. Kudos to the editors of Fortune.

If you are CIO I highly recommend reading Fortune , especially on transatlantic flights.


3 thoughts on “Technology Magazines and Why they Bore CIOs

  1. Thanks Arun, totally agree that the quality of and maybe more importantly, creativity, of these magazines are lacking. I don’t really read them anymore either except for CIO mag on my iPad.

    What i recommend is Wired and Technology Review. That, along with Business Week, The Week, Sloan Management Review and a few others provides a great base for me.

    CIO Dashboard:

  2. Arun, I have been feeling the same way about some tech magazines. Fortune and @cbcurran mentioned magazines are surely important. I am fan of Harvard Business Review as well.

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