Goals Goals and Performance Reviews

Leadership and TeamworkIt is that time of year when we begin to review staff and prepare for year end.

  1. Corporate Goals: Are they meeting the mission of the organization?
  2. Departmental Goals: Are we meeting the goals of the IT departments- KPIs, uptimes, service?
  3. Functional Goals 2016: Areas of individual responsibility. For example – is my helpdesk manager meeting time to resolution or my server manager meeting server uptime? All of which are quantifiable via various metrics.
  4. Personal Goals: This area is general development and fall into the following areas:


  1. Communicates openly & confidently
  2. Influences and convinces others in a way that results in acceptance and agreement
  3. Shapes Conversations to ensure focus & understanding
  4. Speaks frankly, debates at the table, not afterwards
  5. Engages in Constructive Confrontation
  6. Is a supportive listener
  7. Provides clear directions to give desired results

Team Work

  1. Works to coordinate efforts/resources within and across teams to deliver on goals
  2. Recognizes the importance of teamwork to achieve objectives
  3. Brings in ideas, information, suggestions and expertise from others outside the immediate team
  4. Proactively supports colleagues and collaborates with the, to help achieve targets
  5. Involves the right people (colleagues, vendors, subcontractors, etc.) to ensure the best decisions are made in a timely manner.
  6. Goes out of the way to support other efforts when they notice a gap.


  1. Carries out systematic and rational analysis to identify the root cause of problems.
  2. Provides feedback, input and support to the other parts of the organization for overall organizational improvement
  3. Seeks continuous improvement by considering solutions that make novel use of existing ideas, approaches technologies or products.
  4. Is able to effectively enlist others in accomplishing a common goal because they want to not because they were told.

Performance Review

  1. Actively participates in midyear and annual performance reviews with supervisor in a timely manner
  2. Ensure development plans are completed as required
  3. Identify development needs and take advantage of the training made available
  4. Identify processes that could be improved or implemented and head up its development and deployment
  5. Actively participate in mentoring of peers outside of core work group

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