Blogs for July 2009

So you want to be a Change Agent? by Eric Brown on Eric D. Brown

CIO: Virtualisation by Ade McCormack

Top 10 Reasons Why Employees Leave in IT by Dave Schinkel on Code Zest

Actionable Business-IT Alignment by Tod McKenna on Tod means Fox

Does Outsourcing create value? by Oh I See (CIO Inverted)

What IT Needs To Give Up by Mike Schaffner on Beyond Blinking Lights and Acronyms

An Educated Consumer is our Best Customer(R) by Lui Sieh on A Bottom’s Up View From a Pai Mei (白眉) Guy

The Revolution of One by Long Huynh on Tao of Living

The ABCs of Hiring by Chuck Musciano on The Effective CIO

Protecting Company Data Is How CIOs Can Make Friends With CFOs by Jim Anderson on The Accidental Successful CIO

It’s All About Community – New Job, Social Media & Innovation by Chris Osborn

How Will You Be Remembered Tomorrow? by Jeff Lipschultz on Jeff Lipschultz’s Blog

Blogging – The New Way To Make Friends


No Debt World Travel
Brian Peters discusses how he can travel the world on the cheap. It is great to see how someone travels the world on very little and have a great time doing it. Read about his adventures here at 

Lindaraxa’s Garden
Julieta Cadenas was a Wall Street veteran who now turns her attention to food and entertaining. Read her blog here at LINDARAXA’S GARDEN

Chris Osborn is a Senior Coach with SSP BPI Group. His blog contains information about a variety of coaching topics such as the current job search market, success stories, use of social networking sites, etc. Read his blog here at
 SSP BPI Group