ReBoot: Where Were You When…?

A CIO's VoiceWith the recent change in government in Egypt, I have been thinking of all the events that I have witnessed. While the list is not all encompasing, these are the events that stood in my life that I remember.

  1. Energy crisis of 1979
  2. Challenger and Columbia shuttle disasters
  3. Y2k
  4. Attempted assignation of Ronald Reagan
  5. Attempted assignation of Pope John Paul
  6. Death of Pope John Paul
  7. Death of John Lennon
  8. Invasion of Kuwait and subsequent war
  9. The Berlin Wall coming down
  10. Downfall of Communism
  11. 9/11 and post 9/11
  12. Iraqi and Afghanistan wars
  13. Gas prices increasing to $4 a gallon
  14. Downfall of Lehman Brothers and the banking crisis
  15. The Great Recession
  16. Election of Barack Obama
  17. Birth of the Internet
  18. Rapid progress of technology
  19. Completion of the Human Genome Project
  20. Cloning
  21. Hurricane Katrina
  22. Asian Tsunami

Disasters From A to Z

It amazes me that in this day and age there are firms out there with absolutely no disaster recovery plan. I am not talking about a comprehensive 200-page manual but just a simple calling tree. How can any business operate without some level disaster recovery preparedness?

Let’s first define disaster. I would define a disaster as any event that adversely affects your operations. These events can affect your computer operations in any number of ways. Recovery back to normal operations can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours.

Having worked in NYC for my entire career, NYC has been the center of many events. Many of which I have been through.

Here is a list of disasters that a firm should be prepared for:

Acts of God, Air-conditioning failure, Arson, Blackouts, Blizzards, Boiler explosions, Bomb threats, Bridge collapse, Brownouts, Brush fires, Building collapse, Chemical accidents, Civil disobedience, Communication failure, Computer crime, Disgruntle employee, Denial of Service, Earthquakes, Embezzlement, Explosions, Falling objects, Fire, Flood, Hardware crash, High winds, Heating/cooling failure, Hostage situation, Human error, Hurricane, Ice storm, Interruption in public service, Internet outage, Coup d’état, Pandemic, Water main break, Terrorism, Labor dispute, Lightning strike, Malicious destruction, Military operations, Mismanagement, Personnel non-availability, Plane crash, Phishing, Public demonstrations, Buggy software, Radiology accident, Railroad accident, Sabotage, Sewage backup, Snowstorm, Software failure, Sprinkler failure, Telephone problems, Theft of data, Transportation problems, Vandalism, Computer viruses, Water damage, Worms, Gas leaks

This lists gives you something to think about.