Innovation Teamwork and Lego

Leadership and TeamworkI saw this commercial on TV and thought it was well done.  It speaks volumes about innovation and teamwork. I have been a Lego builder since I was 5. I felt that as toy it has the ability to be so much more and this commercial says that.

CIO Blogs from June 2010

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An Apple A Day…

Today (January 27), Apple will be having its much-hyped media event. Over the last few days the net has been a flurry of gossip, leaked photos, and unofficially Apple executive quotes. What is a fan boy to do with all this info? It just makes me giddy…

I must admit, I always look forward to such events from Apple. It is like watching something being created and you are there to take part in the excitement and oohh and aahh over it.

Today, if rumors are true, Apple will be announcing the much anticipated and secretive “iPad” from Apple’s skunkworks.

Something new to add to my Christmas list this year. If the blogs are true, this device will revolutionize publishing, as we know it. I hope so, this industry needs to have a shot in the arm to revive it. I personally don’t read newspapers anymore but do so online on my iPhone. A device that has a bigger screen will be so helpful.

I am going to wait a few months to see how things shake out similar to how I migrated to the iPhone. I am a second-generation kinda guy. I believe in letting others shake the bugs out before I jump on board. And besides, if this takes off, the second gen model will have vastly better features. Just wait and see.

There is also talk that additional carriers for the iPhone will be announced. I think that is great. I believe in competition. I pay vastly too much for my cell service now and the quality of service is just ok.

So we will see what Apple has up their sleeves.

Future Role of the CIO?

What will be the future role of the CIO in the next few years? Will the role still be relevant or will it become extinct? These are questions that many current CIOs ask themselves and future CIOs question.

The world is changing. There are days when it seems to be changing by the minute. The role of CIO has always been a position that has been questioned in corporate America. No one cares when the CIO is dismissed from a firm; a company’s stock does not change. So what does our future hold for us?

Here are some of my predictions:

  1. The CIO role could evolve into a process and management role dealing with cloud computing, massive amounts of data, and virtualization.
  2. The CIO role could evolve to leverage and keep information in real time.
  3. The CIO role could evolve to constantly assess the risk of providing the information that a company desires.
  4. The CIO role could evolve to become a chief innovation officer to serve as a strategic leader working to optimize the use of technology and develop innovative ways to use this information to support the business.
  5. The CIO role could evolve to become a chief process officer that will understand business processes and information flows.
  6. The CIO role could merge into the COO role.

It is obvious, that whatever the future holds for the role of the CIO we will need to play a larger role inside enterprises and assume broader responsibilities in business and become business leaders.

What are your predictions for the future of the chief information officer?

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