CIO Blogs from February 2010

CIO Blogs

Metrics by That IT Chick

Fire Fighting by Mark Brewer

6 Management Lessons I Learned by Watching Tabitha’s Salon Takeover by Will Weider

Enterprise Collaboration – What’s Your Problem? by Chris Curran

Final word by Corporate Lunacy

It’s all in the Risk by Don Lewis

CIO Blogs from January 2010

CIO BlogsA New Year, a New Decade. Here are links to blog postings that are worth reading this month:

CIO: Don’t square up to the CFO by Ade McCormack

Does the CIO Control IT Spending? by Chris Curran

Must-read books on the human factors of IT — part 1, the 70s by Peter Kretzman

Very funny, Mr. Magoo by Don Lewis

I hate consultants by Eric D. Brown

Does the CIO Need to be a Visionary to be Successful? by IT BS Watch

Is Twitter Dying? – An Update by Mike Schaffner

Is It Time To Say Goodbye To The CIO? by Jim Anderson

CIO Blogs for December 2009

CIO BlogsHere are links to blog postings that I found interesting this month:

CIO: Rebrand the IT Function by Ade McCormack

IT Planning is Broken by Chris Curran

CIOS – 2010 Predictions That Could Change Your Life…or Not by Fibol

The CIO and the fine art of vendor negotiation by Peter Kretzman

Total CIO – PMO becomes cornerstone of IT executive leadership by Eric Brown

How The Net Has Changed Our Life by Oliver Widder

The Power of Plain Speech by IT BS Watch

Role of a CIO by Oh I See (CIO Inverted)

Method CIO by Chuck Musciano